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What’s Happening At NIMBY!

New website under construction. Please check our Facebook page for whats happening at NIMBY   https://www.facebook.com/nimbyspace




Winter is here. Space is available to get your projects started. Don’t wait until next year, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your artcars before the burn.



NIMBY is crazy busy!!!


The final days before the massive load out to Burning Man are under way!  Come on down to help with one of the many projects as they scramble to finish up, tear down and get ready for the journey to the desert.






Saturday, June 14th, 7pm-2am

NIMBY, 8410 Amelia St, Oakland


$20 Advance sale discount tickets available until 6pm Friday!

Reserve tix here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/698232

Day Of Tickets: $15 before 9pm; $25 after 9pm! 21+ over

Secure on-site car/bike parking; just 8 minutes from the bridge; half mile from BART/train.

Pack your shiny blinky powertools and join us for this multi-environment, indoor-outdoor, grease-monkey-to-glam, big art, downhome throwdown of artistically epic proportions! Burning Man and burners—from old school to new—are congregating at NIMBY and you can expect all the trappings you know and love: from big art, theme camps and mutant vehicles to fanciful and firey. This event at one of our community’s best loved art making spaces, brings the party to the ARTY in grand style!

Participating Artists and Groups Include: Airpusher, Alex Nolan’s Throwbot, The Alien Siege Machine, BAAAHS, Beezus Christ Super Car, Biotronesis, Billion Jelly Bloom, Celestial Mechanica, Chester, Cruz the Wave, Dragon Smelter by Danny Macchiarini, Embrace, Grahmah’s House, Hookahdome, International Human Color Wheel Project, Jon Dickinson (Spawn of Dodgasourus and Rocket), The Kraken, Light Curtain, Maria Del Camino, Match Camp, Miso Horny, Nicole (Java) Seaton + NIMBY artists live glasswork, Opulent Temple, Otic Way Node, Sextant Camp, Sugar Cubes, TWS live graffiti painting, VRT, ZEROdB (Silent Disco), and about a gazillion more Bay Area artist groups showcasing their work and joining forces in support of this memorable night!

Performers & DJs: Billy Casazza (Opulent Temple), Billy Seal (Opulent Temple), Brian Williams (Opulent Temple), Conandrum, Cptn Jay (Airpusher), Dan Sherman, Dex Stakker (Apex Camp), Dragn’Fly (Airpusher), Djesika (Airpusher), ELiKi (Opulent Temple), Eric Riggsbee (Seismicity), Everett Wayne (BAAAHS), GODS ROBOTS, Grammar (Opulent Temple), Heart Touch (Keno-Mapp), Hijinx (Decadent Oasis), J-Kind (Airpusher), Jerk Church Tabernacle Choir, JNZ, Kaweh, Lt Daaaan (No Fun), m*j*r (BAAAHS), Mark Mark (BAAAHS), MegaFlame Big Band & Cabaret, Megapxl, Pigmiblimp, Rachel Torro (Morning Glory), Sasha Simone, Steve Fabus (BAAAHS), Sychosis (Alex Dias), Totem Pulse, Trashkan Marchink Band, Two Dudes In Love (BAAAHS), Vesper, Xzist, Zenotope, & Zita Molnar!

Visual Artists: Chris Crismond, Dan Cote, Mark McGothigan, Ron Halbert, Tari Karkanen, & VJ Luna!
A few volunteer spots left. Go here: http://tinyurl.com/precompression-2014

This is being organized at this location in support of NIMBY. If you cannot attend, please consider making a direct financial donation in support of this vital community space here: http://www.nimbyspace.org/

Performance Schedules will be located here:






Please take a moment to visit our Indiegogo campaign
Nimby Indiegogo Fundraiser click here

***Please note, the press made a goof, the Hook Up Truck will be at NIMBY Saturday May 3rd only! Come see it in person from 9PM till 11PM, sorry for any confusion, we don’t print the news, we make it!

Saturday, May3rd!!!

Life Size Mousetrap Launch Party at NIMBY
May 3rd
Kid’s program 2-5pm, Party 9pm – 2am
8410 Amelia St.

San Francisco’s legendary Life Size Mousetrap brings you an event of epic proportions on Saturday May 3rd! More than 8 years of delighting audiences across the country have taken their toll on the infamous kinetic sculpture. Liquid Wrench and the NIMBY art space have teamed up to help the crew with a massive refurbishment of the contraption, join us for a day of irreverent fun and the grand unveiling!

We are hosting a kid’s program from 2-5pm featuring the Life Size Mousetrap, local gypsy junk rockers Junk Parlor, kids activities, and more. Bring the whole family! $5 donation per family…

Join us when NIMBY opens it’s doors at 9pm for the night time show. We’ll run the Life Size Mousetrap and feature performances from local luminaries of music, dance, areal performance, burlesque, and artists. We have a full bar, food vendors, a night market and more fun than you can throw a bowling ball at…

2-5pm Kids program features
Life Size Mousetrap performance w/ Esmerelda Strange
Junk Parlor
The Devil-Ettes
Make your own tiny tool box
Maria Del Camino performance by Bruce Tomb
Alex Nolan’s Throw Bot
Tub a Twirle

9 pm ‘Traptastic night time party features

Life Size Mousetrap performances w/ Esmerelda Strange

Maaahhhvelous MC Dotti Lux!!!

live music -
Cookie Mongoloid
Fanfare Zambaleta
The Revengineers

dance/performance -
Gold Star Dance Company
Sister Kate
EBB and Flow, East Bay Belly Dancers
Bramani Spiteri on the Silks

art antics -
Maria Del Camino performance by Bruce Tomb
Alex Nolan’s Throw Bot

Carp Bar
NIMBY Night Market

find out more about our performers…

The Life Size Mousetrap
Mark Perez’ 13 year labor of love is the classic board game turned larger than life spectacle! Mark and his crew of trusty clown-gineers bring the fun of science and engineering to folks everywhere! Live musical score by Esmerelda Strange

Dotti Lux!!!
The hardest working burlesque performer in San Francisco, Dottie Lux is the producer of the only weekly show in town. Catch Red Hots Burlesque every Weds, Fri and Sat and www.RedHotsBurlesque.com for all info and full calendar.

Cookie Mongoloid
Cookie Mongoloid is Sesame Speed Metal. See the Cookie Mongoloid in all his blue, furry, googly-eyed glory backed by the baddest of gender mixed metal bands as they decimate and regurgitate your childhood favorites in an abrasive metal wrath.

Fanfare Zambaleta
Fanfare Zambaleta’s potent musical concoction of Balkan brass, wild improvisation, meticulous ensemble coordination, earth-shaking low brass, thunderous drumming and jubilant vocals will move your feet and lift your soul!

Junk Parlor
Born from the mind and musical wanderings of Jason Vanderford, the sounds of rock, underlying gypsy jazz rhythms, and a 50’s tinge create a familiar yet twisted up sound that steers you off the beaten path with tales of fantastical love, late night betrayal, and wily satisfaction.

The Revengineers
raw eastbanian delta blues, muddy like we like it, voices, guitar, and drums…with a few bumps and plenty of grinds along the way…

Gold Star Dance Company
Kami Liddle’s debut tribal fusion belly dance company explores contemporary forms set to a mesmerizing musical score.

Sister Kate
cutest dang burlesque duet this side of the Mississippi…

The Devil-Ettes
San Francisco’s go-go sweethearts!

EBB and Flow, East Bay Belly Dancers
Sandi Ball and Wendy Allen of Fat Chance Belly Dance bring the style and grace of American Tribal Style.

Bramani Spiteri on the Silks
the thrill and delight of dancing high above the audience in a delicate waltz with the silk… Arial dance with Bramani!

Maria Del Camino performance by Bruce Tomb
Maria Del Camino is a love poem to the car and her demise… a modified ’59 El Camino painstakingly hand drilled with a pixilated image of the False Maria/Machine Man from Metropolis

We hope to see you there!!!

Thanks for stopping by our website, We are in the process of creating a new website loaded with pictures and videos, in thumbnails that you can look at as you please.

NIMBY is an industrial workspace where artist and hobbyist can work on their own projects or collaborate with others.

All we really ask is that you are doing something. I don’t even care if you finish it. As long as you get along with everyone and clean up after your self. At that point the empty space where your television or other social maladies lurk is filled and the world is a happier place. From that point on the really cool creative juices will start to flow.

NIMBY is a do-it-yourself (DIY), Hacker space, Maker space, Morale shop, Adult play ground or industrial art space that provides artists, craftspeople and the average Joe a place to create and innovate. Within the 65,500 square foot space can be found metal workers, jewelers, Sculptors, painters, set and prop builders, musicians, hobbyists, engineers, plumbers, electricians, computer programmers, machinists and more, Your imagination is your only limit!

Be a good neighbor. If you work strange hours. Make a little too much noise or cause the earth to shake. Then come rent a space at NIMBY before your neighbors say “Not In My Back Yard”. It’s the right thing to do.

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