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Our hands are tied and we need your help. Friday Re-cap.

Over the last two weeks working with the City of Oakland has cost us another $10,000.

Below is a quick re-cap of Friday’s meeting to discuss the myriad of regulatory issues NIMBY is working through leading up to hosting our next special event.

1)  No CUP or involvement from zoning is needed for a singular special event.
2)  Next week we should have our fire inspection for group-assembly.
3)  Once we meet fire requirements for group assembly, we can re-submit our application to the police department for a special event.

In other news, we will soon be done with all of the requirements laid out in our August inspections from fire, building and hazmat.  (We paid for and requested the inspection in January, but it took 6 months to get.)

We are going to keep on trucking.  The bureaucracy and constantly changing requirements are really making this an incredibly tough process.  Having a small business in Oakland is not easy.

Please donate.  We can’t do this without everyone’s support.

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