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Today’s Fire Inspection was Fabulous

The hard work, late-nights, stress and staggering numbers of meetings are finally paying off.  Progress is being seen and city departments are rewarding our efforts with tangible results.  We have completed every task requested of us by the Fire Department and during today’s inspection – we totally got a gold star for progress.

What remains?

Our fire inspector has to look over some of the paperwork and test reports we provided to her.  We also need to post a few more NO SMOKING signs around the warehouse.  From where we were just a few months ago – this progress is HUGE.

Earlier in October, we had follow-up inspections from both an electrical inspector and the building department.  All the electrical work we have done so far is approved.  We just need the money to finish the job.  The building department says NIMBY is doing a great job of meeting their requirements and we just need to pony up the bucks they need for some more permits.

You can watch our fundraising progress HERE.  Thanks to entire community for sticking by us.  NIMBY will prevail as a fully permitted and legal art space in Oakland.


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