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Rockin’ the Hazmat

Today the City of Oakland approved our Hazmat plan and officially signed off on NIMBY as meeting all applicable requirements for their department.  We are delighted by this accomplishment.  Considerable effort has gone into creating our hazmat and fire prevention plans.  It paid off!

The materials at NIMBY that fall under the regulation of Oakland Hazmat are welding gases, gasoline, and propane.  We have put considerable effort into ensuring that all of these are stored properly at NIMBY.  Everyone who works at NIMBY is doing a great job of this – keep up the good work.

Real progress is being made.  NIMBY is close to obtaining all needed permits.  It has taken a lot of late nights, early mornings, endless meetings, and has definitely left us each with more grey hairs – but once again we are gettin’ er done.

Our main obstacle now is raising the funds to pay the fees.  Watch our progress HERE.


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