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Nimby can help you save thousands on your next art space!

For the past few months, Oakland bureaucracy and politics have been halting all progress at NIMBY. Countless hours of meetings, phone calls, completing paperwork and preparing for inspections are finally yielding tangible results.

HAZMAT has officially approved our space. Fire Department approval is pending posting of additional “No Smoking” signs.

Engineering required by the building department is complete however we still need funds for permit fees before they will make inspections and sign us off.

Now that we have overcome a large set of major roadblocks and hurdles, we are staring down a huge pile of bills from the City of Oakland. While NIMBY is financially sound as an art space – we need the greater community to once again step up and help us through this crunch. NIMBY is setting many precedents for art spaces, not just in Oakland but everywhere. We are dotting every i and crossing every t, creating a solid foundation for future art spaces to build upon. While this is costing many thousands of dollars it will pave a road that others may follow: it truly is a community effort. Your continued support is needed as this battle is not over yet.

Watch our short video, lend your support, and please pass along this message.


We greatly appreciate your continued support and will be sending out progress reports weekly as we continue to work through the bureaucratic challenges.

And yes, when it comes time that you too want to open a studio we will be able to help you navigate the pitfalls, saving thousands of dollars!

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