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Food and Clothing Drive – February 20th

During the DO IT FOR HAITI benefit on February 20th from 2 pm – midnight we will be accepting donations of food and clothing items to send with second-wave relief efforts to Haiti. NIMBY is partnering with Sirona Cares to send these items to Haiti. All goods will be delivered by the Coast Guard once second wave relief efforts begin. They will be distributed throughout Haiti to specific locations (schools, churches and orphanages) by the Sirona Cares network in Haiti.

Items we accept:

* Clothing, including new or used underwear, for all ages. It would be incredibly helpful if these donations could be separated (babies, small children, large children, women & men’s clothes).
* Shoes, all sizes
* Food items: non-perishable, ready to eat items
* Medical Supplies: Gauze, Tape, Neosporin, Tylenol/Advil (Generics OK)
* Kotex and Cloth Diapers
* Towels and Sheets
* Plastic Storage Boxes (Large) for packing, shipping and giving Haitians something to store their personal effects in. If you can bring nothing else, bring these!

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