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Many thanks for all the support on our Indigogo fundraiser, we really appreciate all the donations!

Anubis and Fertilitree are having a Toga Party!

JUNE 23, 2012 at 9PM

Save the date, this one is not to be missed! Grab a sheet and come party with the East Bay Burners.
This is a FUN-draiser to help bring the Jackal God and the Oak Tree to life. $10 door donation requested.






ProArts Open House is next weekend June 9th, please come on down to NIMBY and see all the great artists that work out of our space.

June 2 at 2:00pm until June 3 at 11:30pm

Death Carp Cowboys lives in 2012!

(This event starts at 2 in the after noon)
Full camp set up at NIMBY complete with pants cannon and belligerent DPW.

Special “Rut on the Roof” show with Joe Rut, our very own superstar at 5:00pm.

Fire, robots and much more….

Raffle which includes Burning Man ticket and many other fantastic prizes.

Add splash of Space Cowboys and Death Guilders to round it out.

Whether you will make it to the playa this year or not, come experience life at Carp for a day!

All proceeds will go to bringing Carp back to the playa this year.

NIMBY is .5 miles from the Coliseum BART
We have free off street parking
Bicycle parking and
plenty of dust.

Whats going on at NIMBY this week?

Saturday, May 12th 2012

Music – Art – Spirituality

see our Events page


Dog and Pony Show at NIMBY!

ANUBIS Kickoff at NIMBY…A NIMBY Night of Burning Man Presentations
Saturday, April 7th, 8pm
Film Screening 9:30
This is a fundraiser and we are suggesting a $10 donation at the door. No one will be
turned away for lack of funds.

See our EVENTS Page for the full details

Thursday March 29, 2012   7PM to 10PM

In the belly is where things digest, where they are broken down so their value can be extracted. This is where things are made to rot. If our society is a beast, its belly is the prison system. This work from Insurgent Theatre seeks to manifest imprisonment on stage, overlays it with critical analysis of the system, and follows up with in-depth discussion about abolishing prison in America.

Created in workshop by Weslie Coleman, Kate Pleuss, and Ben Turk, with assistance from Harmony Bench and Rebecca Riley.

Touring North America. Raising funds for RedBird Prison Abolition. Supporting prisoners in Ohio.

This show contains nudity, violence and other sad realities of the US prison system.

Insurgent Theatre

Donations Suggested at the door




Nimby launches Indiegogo campaign!

Indiegogo Nimby Page

Going to the playa

Just what will you do?

NIMBY’s the answer

The answer for you

With welders and grinders

And tools that are bitchin!

Come be creative

Make something for your kitchen

Build sculptures and fountains

A burn barrel that’s hot

But we need your support,

We need it a lot

We thank you and cherish

The support that you give

We know it’s not easy

In tough times we live

A little bit helps

Though we need quite a lot

It’s strength through numbers

Since we don’t grow pot

NIMBY is entrepreneurs and critical thinkers

Really cool people and a few total stinkers

It costs lots of money to keep NIMBY going

Our arms are quite tired, for years we’ve been rowing

Permits, inspections and sweat by the bucket

In times like these most others would say _____


So you’ve heard about this NIMBY thing, and you’re thinking of donating. Great! Now you’ve reached the critical moment. But a little voice keeps asking you “Why?” Well, here’s why. NIMBY is a place where you can build things that you simply wouldn’t be able to in a home shop or small workspace. This is a place where the dreams of the eccentric, manic, zany, and inspired take flight. We’ve helped create The Trojan Horse, Colossus, Syzygryd, Dance Dance Immolation, Steampunk Treehouse and many other ideas both big and small go from design to destiny. In addition to giant projects, NIMBY provides a community atmosphere for smaller scale and independent artists to hone their craft and produce their work without the cutthroat nature and tool fees of other spaces.

NIMBY has helped a lot of amazing work get off the ground, and now we need your help too. This money will help us make needed capital improvements to our space, eventually enabling a larger variety of community tools and resources for the exciting projects of the future. Help NIMBY become the Bay Area’s premier space for the truly revolutionary to come into being.

Thank you.
P.S. Be sure to share this campaign on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or any other social media platform. It’s good for karma.

Fun(d) Raising Party for 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey

This April the Magic Love Bus is blasting off on a three month cross country journey, spreading love and light at every turn. We’ll be sharing food, drumming, campfires, movies, discussions, dancing, music, yoga and love parades all across America. The bus will literally be a vehicle for LovEvolutionary transformation. To see our “Bus Schedule” visit www.MagicLoveBus.org

Come “get on the bus” and help us launch this amazing coast to coast transformational journey. The 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey is a collective adventure. We need your support, both on the bus and online, to manifest it fully.

This fun(d) raiser party will be held at NIMBY, which is the largest do-it-yourself industrial art space in the Bay Area with over 40 different art groups and craftsmen in the shop. NIMBY is famous for hosting great parties and the creation of some of the most amazing art shared at Burning Man.

The Magic Love Bus has been undergoing an amazing transformation at NIMBY and is now a moving sound stage and light show. Climb aboard and let’s energize the Magic Love Bus for blast off! Feel free to invite your friends and bring organic food and beverages to share at the party.

Suggested donation – $10 to $20 – with no one turned away for lack of funds.

How you can be a part of this transformational journey:

Contribute your ideas for where the bus can land and who it can hook up with as it travels East.

Join the http://www.LovEvolutionSolution.org to share your ideas and meet other LovEvolutionaries.

Help promote the journey online to your friends and community.

Donate funds so we can propel this journey far and wide and turn more people on to their own personal magic and ability to create another possible world.





Ever wonder what it takes to become a race car driver?

Too Stupid To Know Better

Don’t get to excited thinking we came up with this team name just to
race a LeMons car. Nope, we’ve got a long line of past stupidity and
this is just the newest one. I mean a week ago we didn’t hardly know
what a LeMons car was. It all started when the little girl from IT
walked in and said “I want to drive a race car.” Huh, well okay. So
after asking someone in our office who knew something about racing,
the idea was planted. A few phone calls later, we were on our way to
LA to pick up a car that ran in the second ever LeMons race at
Altamont Speedway, rather unsuccessfully I might add, and only needed
“a little work.” So now we are the proud owners of a Volvo 740 Turbo
that has a motor but no wiring or electronics because the really trick
crap that was in it wouldn’t actually stay running. Remember the
unsuccessful part.
Now back to our history of stupidity. Last year we built and took to
Bonneville Speedway the new world record holding electric barstool. I
mean 55.9 MPH perched on something smaller than a shopping cart? You
must be crazy. And prior to that… a rolling, driving, spinning hot tub
for Burning Man. Actually it’ll make a great pit vehicle. I could keep
going, but you can see where we’re headed. Yup – too stupid to know
Oh yeah, our concept. Sure, we thought it’d be fun to bring back some
history with a vintage LeMons car so it can have one last hurrah
before being sent to the crusher. But honestly? We all just want to
see if this little girl can really drive. I mean come on – that
alone sounds scary and we haven’t even made it to the track yet!

Come on down down to NIMBY and meet the team in person as they prepare their finely tuned machine for the 24 Hours of LeMons!



You can pick your friends.
You can pick your beer.
But can you pick… a Lock?

Join us on Thursday, February 16th, from 7-9pm as we embark on an ancient mechanical adventure to explore the inner workings of a modern lock, first developed by the Mesopotamians and Egyptian s over 4000 years ago. Led by lockpickers Eric Michaud and Jamie Schwettmann, this workshop will cover – soup to nuts – everything you need to know about how common locks work… and how to pick them open.

Whether you’re a complete novice curious to find out what pin-tumbler really means, a homeowner protecting your family’s treasures, or a veteran lockpicker with questions about advanced locks and techniques, this event is for you! With 2 solid hours of history, mechanical diagrams (“lock pr0n”), and hands-on lockpicking instruction… first we’ll open your minds, and then we’ll open some locks!

To properly learn this ancient art, you’ll need the proper tools. By registering for a ticket with a lockpick set, this guarantees you a seat at the workshop, and reserves – all for you – a brand-new 10-piece custom lockpick set by Southern Specialties, hand-picked by Eric and Jamie to maximize utility for beginners and locksport enthusiasts alike, and offered for only $30.

If you already have some picks you’re itching to practice with, you can bring them along, and your workshop cost is only $50!

See ya here!

February East Bay Bike Party – 90s Dance Party!

What are you doing on Friday, February 10th? Not staying Home Alone, I’ll tell you that! You can play Sonic or Jenga another night, because you’re invited to a…


Feburary’s ride will be bigger than the Titanic – we’re moonwalking back to the dawn of the Information Age to party like it’s 1999… literally! I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want – for you to break out your threads, tunes and moves from the ’90s and join the fun!

We’ll gather at the Oakland Coliseum BART Station at 7:30pm and roll out at 8. For those of you who don’t like hills, the route has less than 150 feet of climbing. Cowabunga!

As far as ride routes go, you can’t touch this! The first party stop is close to an ice cream shop and our final destination is a ’90s **ALL AGES** dance party at NIMBY!

Just for us NIMBY is breaking out the Party Train BBQ, providing bike parking, and working up a few other surprises (to be announced) – so bring cash. The cash will also come in handy for the food truck! A donation at the door is highly recommended, since NIMBY is letting us use their space and getting it party-ready for free. In the words of Blur, “Woohoo!”

So that people aren’t shouting, “Where I go I just don’t know,” on ride night, we need volunteers to guide the Party through turns. If you want to help out, get to the gathering early and talk with one of the ride organizers (the people with bullhorns).

We want everyone to feel fitter, happier after a night on bikes, so remember the house rules (’cause it’s gonna be a Full House on Friday):

Stay Right
Stop at Lights
Ride Straight
Don’t Hate
Pack Your Trash
Don’t Get Smashed (i.e. Ride Sober)

If you see someone new to Bike Party or a rider who doesn’t seem to know how we roll, show ‘em some bike love and encourage them to Party the way we do. Maybe invite them to ride with you and yours. As U2 says, “It’s one love – we get to share it.”

We expect to see you on Friday the 10th dressed to the Nineties shouting, “Here we are now, entertain us!” And you *will* be entertained.


Well, it's that time of year again; the holidays are just about over,the New Year almost here,
and yes, we have a small favor to ask. Like most groups we receive a large portion of our
donations at the end of the year, the very end of the year, yes, in the next three days to be
The past few years projects built at NIMBY have included The Trojan Horse, Colossus and
Maria Del Camino, as well as permanent projects such as The Cyclisk in Santa Rosa,
The Steam Punk Tree House and Full Circle, a commissioned piece for the Visitacion Valley Library
in San Francisco, just to name a few. If you believe in the work that comes out of NIMBY please
consider donating. Nimby has maneuvered through the past few years with the help of patient
landlords, engineers and contractors but the time has come to clear outstanding debts and move
It is through your help that we will be able to continue to keep NIMBY available as the premier
facility for creativity in the Bay Area. We are confident that the community will take a few
minutes to look at what has come out of NIMBY and lend a helping hand. Every donation helps,
from $20.00 to $1500.00 or more, your donations will go towards funding NIMBY's long range goals.
Our goals include building out a new art gallery, adding more studio spaces and installing more
common shop equipment; your generous donations will make this possible. We can't do this without
your support. Your donations will make sure that equipment is ready for you and your projects
when the time comes. Without NIMBY many individuals would be unable to explore their creative
abilities. NIMBY is closer to these goals than ever before and with your generous donations we
will see this as a reality in the near future.
NIMBY is about learning, creating, building and sharing. NIMBY is about keeping America tooled
up and competitive. The community is vast and diverse, exactly the environment that breeds
wonder and excitement while clandestinely slipping in the collaboration needed to see the big
picture. We hope you will take a moment and look at what you can contribute to Nimby to help
keep this wonderful facility up and running.
We always hope for the angel donor or patron to take us under their wing. However we are happy
to accept any amount you are able to share.
We are able to take Pay Pal and Credit Cards along with cash donations.
NIMBY is a project of Epic Arts, a 501(c) 3 Non Profit and we can provide you with a letter
documenting your donation. Regardless of the amount of your donation, NIMBY thanks you for being
a valuable part of a DIY space that has grown from just a vision to a major part of the East Bay,
Bay Area and World Wide DIY community.
Michael Snook and the entire NIMBY Staff.
https://www.facebook.com/nimbyspace .

Space Available!

There are currently two nice indoor spaces available here at NIMBY, well, really all of our spaces are nice. Come on down and take a look. Nimby will also be hosting Christmas Dinner, a great time to meet some of the tenants and see what a great workspace Nimby is. Keep watching this page and do check into our Facebook page for updates on current events, future events and yes, we even take suggestions for future events. Next year brings many great adventures, from the Power Tool Drag Races to one of the many Special Events and Fundraisers, Nimby is the place to be.

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