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What is NIMBY?

A place to create the impossible, the new, the ridiculous, the exiting and most importantly, the never seen before. It is the largest do-it-yourself industrial art space in the Bay Area with over 40 different art groups and craftsmen in the shop.

NIMBY not only offers space to create, but supports its  artists with resources, assistance in sourcing re-purposed material, as well as logistical and technical guidance.  This supportive culture shared by all members of the NIMBY community is at the root of the amazing art that emerges from its doors. NIMBY is the hub for creativity that boggles the mind and fosters community values that encourage collaboration and

Over the years, the concept of our community has brought together talented and diverse local artists who have created an impressive body of work.  NIMBY has been the largest workspace/gallery of its kind in the City of Oakland and continues to provide a workspace, storage and display area – a one-stop shop for big, innovative art.

There are no sidelines at NIMBY.  It’s all hands on deck!

NIMBY has space available.  Contact Michael Snook (snook@nimbyspace.org) for more information.

What would you bring to NIMBY?

NIMBY is a space for:

• Woodworking
• Blacksmithing
• Metal work
• Machining
• Glass-blowing
• Mechanics
• Steam engine
• Electronics
• Textiles
• Tinkerers
• Foundry
• Bicycle building
• Sculpting
• Fire-art
• Set design
• Stone carving
• Mosaics
• Performers
• Art car building
• Ceramics
• Painting
• Neon and Light
• Screen printing
• Graphic design
• Computer geeks
• Jewelry making

Who is NIMBY?

Over the years thousands of volunteers, artists, hobbyists and community members have contributed to the success of NIMBY.  Currently, most of the day-to-day operations at NIMBY are handled by a full time team of 2 “uber-volunteers.”

Michael Snook – Founder/General Manager

snook-and-contessa.jpgMichael Snook founded NIMBY with no initial investment in April of 2004. His hard work and dedication have built not only a functional facility, but also a reputation for steady and levelheaded leadership in the Bay Area art community. There is hardly a major work at the Burning Man festival that has not benefited from Snookʼs knowledge, resources and assistance. His extensive connections in the construction and shipping industry have enabled the procurement of materials and resources making impossible purchases affordable. Before founding and running NIMBY he was a property manager and construction superintendent for over 20 years.

Dave Pedroli – Business Consultant

super-dave.jpgLicensed General Contractor and former Department Of Public Works and Nevada Property Manager of the Burning Man Organization, Pedroli has over 25 years of experience in Residential, Commercial and High Rise Construction. Known throughout the local art community as Super Dave, he has owned and operated a commercial fishing boat, an import-export company, an advertising specialty company, among other businesses.  He has been and continues to be a valued contributor to the design and build-out of the new NIMBY LLC location and its day-to-day operations. Dave has also been busy installing artwork throughout the Bay Area and beyond. August through October  you can find him on the Bonneville Salt Flats, racing, working the gate or cooking lobster back at camp.

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