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Settling in at NIMBY^2

The new NIMBY is coming together.  As you can imagine, the post-move-in aftermath at NIMBY^2 looked like Sunday morning on the playa.  Containers, tool boxes, air-compressors and giant pieces of who-knows-what strewn everywhere.  Countless hours of forklifting, drawing of plans and sorting out all the random piles of stuff have brought us a lot closer to being ready for people to play at NIMBY once again.

This week we are busy in meetings with the city planners, building inspectors and fire marshals.  We are working hard to get everything squared away so we can be fully up and running quickly.  NIMBY^2 is looking forward to soon hosting it’s first event in the new space.

None of this would have been possible without the support of the more than a thousand people who answered NIMBY’s call for help.  You are what made NIMBY^2 happen and you are what will breath life into 10 more years of the chaotic, ginourmous, and ridiculous space we all need.  The door is always open to anyone who wants to paint, organize, and help create the new NIMBY.

Here are some images of us settling in.  Come visit and see for yourself.

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