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Whats going on this week at NIMBY

Check out the Milktropolis at

This is under construction here at NIMBY!

The Steampunk Treehouse is having a little cosmetic surgery. Sean has been pounding, grinding and  welding on the treehouse all week. Stop on by to see what it looks like in pieces, many, many pieces.

Along with the Steampunk treehouse there are several other projects happening,

Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector are building a 60 foot tall obelisk for the City of Santa Rosa. Made out of concrete, steel and bicycle parts the obelisk will stand watch over Santa Rosa Avenue.

Marks website is www.markgrieve.com

Hanging from the ceiling any day now will be rings, rings and more rings. Markand Ilana are also working on a San Francisco Arts Commission piece for the new Visitacion Valley Public Library.  Somehow Mark and Ilana will be working on both projects at once, they may have clones.

Work continues inside the shop while a movie is shot out back, this is a post apocalyptic movie several years in the making. Here’s the teaser  http://www.trashandprogress.com

This was last month when we had an electric roadster testing out its steering and brakes.

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