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Jen Forbes


Jen is a dynamic multi-media artist working primarily in metal and found objects.

Her current project is The Museum of Unnatural Selection.  A museum style diorama built inside of a 20ft shipping container consisting of a collection of peices: a life-sized tree, a women, various animals, fire flowers, and a fire pond and steam. Each of these pieces represents an alternative evolutionary perspective; what could be, what might not have been and what almost-never-was. Sound, animatronics, light and fire are controllable by visitors. Participants will have to feel their way around the walls to find the buttons and levers to make the individual pieces move, poof fire or create sound.

If you would like to donate time, money, tools or metal she would love you forever.  For the people, funded by the people.



The Museum of Unnatural Selection



Based on Fluidity Theme Redesigned by NIMBY